Monday, December 17, 2007

Moving Day

I went home last night to be with the boys and get some rest in my own bed. Unfortunately, Carter was up at 2 AM with a fever of 102.5 F and heavy coughing. So much for a night of uninterrupted sleep! Cole woke up with a fever as well, so the older boys are home from school today. Carter's fever was gone when he woke up but I took him to the pediatrician anyway and it was determined that he has bronchitis, so he is on some medication to clear it up. Nothing like dealing with a trial within a trial within a trial. Please pray that these boys would get well soon.

Kate transferred to St. John's Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital ( early this afternoon and it went smoothly, although she was disappointed that she didn't get to ride in an ambulance. It is a nice, new facility that has only been open a few months and is small in size but has nice large patient rooms. Let's hope the food tastes better than the previous place. It looks as if Kate will start her therapy sessions (Physical, Occupational, and Speech) tomorrow. Her daily regimen will be therapy sessions in the morning and afternoon with lunch and a rest break (nap time) in between. We are still not sure how long (days or weeks) she will be here, it all depends on her progress.

In addition to what was mentioned above, here are some additional prayer requests at this time:

1. That Kate would have the energy she needs to be fully engaged in the therapy sessions.

2. That her appetite would steadily increase.

3. That her brain and surgical site would heal swiftly and fully.

4. Of course, that her left side function (leg, arm, hand, face) would regain 100% functionality.

5. That Gram and Aunt Dee Dee would have the strength to handle caretaking on the homefront and would receive needed rest and relaxation.

6. That we would be able to successfully coordinate all of the practical help that is offered by family and friends (meals, housecleaning, carpools, special projects, etc).

7. Finally, that the Lord would use us to bring glory to Himself.

Thank you deeply for all of your prayers, comments and concern,



Anonymous said...

Hello sweet friend
I promise, an ambulance ride isn't ALL that fun, an experience though. Are you settled yet? We got back in town last night from SW Missouri to find a driveway full of snow WOW, what a snow fall ya'll had:) The kids were very sad this morning to find they had to go to school anyway, hopefully they'll get to go sledding today before it all melts. How are the boys? Are either one of them feeling better yet? Andy and I are constantly praying for you. Xander is so sweet, he remembers to pray for you every time Andy or I do. Thank you Lord for sweet and tender hearts in our children.

We love you
The Repperts

Heather said...

I am sorry to hear the boys are sick. I know this can't be easy. I pray that you all get the rest you need right now and that the boys feel better soon. I am always praying for Kate and her left side. I have so much faith that she will regain all her strength. She is so strong and such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate - Glad to hear the move to rehab hospital went well. Kate, if you keep progressing like you are, I'll rent an ambulance and ride you around in it!!! We'll party! I'm just amazed at what you all endure and keep enduring and how resilient you Snodgrass' are. I hope the boys are feeling better and Stuart doesn't catch. Please, please let me know if we can help in any way. We're just a couple of blocks away. Get some rest and take care. Prayers are with you! Stacy and Jarvis boys

Anne said...

Dear Dave,

You and Kate have made amazing progress in a few days! I pray for great confidence when you face unexpected trials. I'm thankful that you are sleeping better. Lord, bless Kate with the knowledge of your great love and steadfast mercy toward her. I'm sure the difficulties with the left side are very frustrating, but hopefully will add to length of days.

Bless the boys with strength and health!

Anonymous said...

I have read your archives and I'm praying for a miracle!
Go Kate!

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are handeling everything so well. I am sure that Kate is proud of you. The family that you have around you is precious and God will grant them the peace in knowing that they are taking care of "His" children. You take care of Kate and keep encouraging her in all she does. And, don't forget to take care of yourself.
Judith (and Chase)

Gram said...

Let me Amen that Dave is handling everything calm and well. I thank God for him every day.
Boys are perking up a bit this evening. Someone brought homemade chicken noodle soup and french bread by for supper. Now what could be better for coughing boys then that. We thank our benefactor for that perfect supper. All the boys enjoyed it. Now is homework which was dropped off by another mother. That they are not as excited about as the soup.
I suppose this is a little like Grandma bootcamp. I have been called a lot of things over the years, but last night at the hospital Wade W. called me the mother ship. That's a new one. Oh well, one day at a time.
Gram easing in to winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and Kate,

I had a bad feeling when I didn't see the boys at school today that perhaps illness had fallen upon your household! Hopefully Stuart will be able to avoid it, and you as well, Dave. (Let's face it, at this point YOUR system is probably so maxxed out, Dave, that you should just call for the antibiotic now!)

Praying specifically for Kate's strength and recovery.

Erika Byars

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

Oh, how hard it must be for you on all fronts. Dave, how brave and strong you are to do all that you do. You are a man's man, God's man, and I thank God Kate has been given such a soul mate. Kate, as a Mommy I know how I would long to nurse my little ones back to health. To snuggle with them in their beds and sing praise songs....but....your time will come again....I can just see it. You are brave too, to fight for your future and to truly lay down your life for your sweet boys. They will find you truly faithful to God. May you both know how deep, and wide, and full the love of God faithful He is to bring you a hope and future. How lucky we are to behold His glory, though you.

Michele L.

Ramona Lisa said...

Dear Lord, please protect this beautiful family from further hardship and bring them through these circumstances with ease and speed. Please prevent Kate, Dave and Stuart from illness and restore Carter and Cole to good health.

Give Kate strength, we pray, and allow her to regain total control over her left side. Please provide energy and perseverance for Dave, Sandy and Jean as they care for their loved ones. Finally, Lord, please allow the Snodgrass' story to inspire others to a saving faith in Christ Jesus, whom we celebrate this holiday season.

I humbly pray in His holy name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Dave,
I think I posted this way back when, but I keep reading it and want to include it again:

"There is nothing, no circumstance, no trouble, no testing that can ever touch me until, first of all, it has come past God, past Christ, right through to me. If it has come that far, it has come with great purpose." (Alan Redpath)

"Trust me in your time of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory." Psalm 50:15

I smile to know that those Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists who will be working with Kate in rehab are gonna be delighted, blessed, and changed by knowing her. I'm already wishing I could hear their stories down the road!
I continue to pray for you and your family, Kate--each one of you.
Tiffani G

Anonymous said...

Trusting God that He will return the boyhs to their usual playfulness quickly. Lord, I pray that Kate's therapy will go quickly and fully to restore her fully. Dear God, I pray that Dave will have a strong back and will be pain free to so that Kate can lean on him literally as she needs him. I pray that Gram and Aunt Dee Dee will stay well and receive the extra physical and mental strength each of them needs to take care of, keep up with and provide the encouragement and optimism that the boys need at this time. Amen