Monday, December 10, 2007

Cook for Kate

This email was sent to me by our meal coordinators and they asked that I post it. They also wanted me to post the title as stated above.

"Hi everyone! We are the meal coordinators, a.k.a. Sue and Stacey. We asked Kate to let us write an entry for the blog, to save her some time and so we could say whatever we want! :-) Thanks to all of you who have contacted us offering to make a meal for the Snodgrass family. Our email addresses are posted in the side bar if emailing is your thing; if not, you can call Sue at 636.386.8522 or Stacey at 636.391.1501. We have a few dates left to fill in December, plus many open dates in January. Also, several people have mentioned that they want to help in a tangible way but they can't cook or don't have the time. We hear that the Snodgrass bunch likes St. Louis Bread Co., Dierberg's, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Crazy Bowls & Wraps, JJ Twigs Pizza, Schnucks or Culvers burgers if a gift card works better for you."

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Kim said...

Off topic, I'm afraid you are going to get tons of spam at the email addresses that are posted to the right side. There are ways to get around this. Please contact us and we can give you some suggestions.

The Endraskes