Sunday, December 02, 2007

Utilizing Our Spiritual Resources

Understanding that our greatest resource in this battle against Kate's cancer is that provided by Jesus, we are planning to have a prayer meeting this Friday evening, December 7th, around 7 PM somewhere in St. Louis County. Exact location to be determined. This prayer meeting is open to all of our friends and church family.

If you would like to attend, please send an email with your information to (davekate410 at and we will send you the details as they become available.

In Christ,



Anonymous said...

Kate & Dave --

What a BEAUTIFUL idea . . . having a Prayer Gathering!!!

I know you're aware of the number of people praying for you, I trust you'll still be pleasantly "surprised" to see them in one place . . .

Praying daily,

Anonymous said...

Even though we won't be able to make it; we will be praying at the same time. The beauty of the the body of Christ!

Take all the time you have in smelling those boys' hair! As eager as some of us are to "hear" what the latest is, they are more important - as you know. As much as you have been blessed with them, they are blessed by you!