Friday, December 07, 2007

Tests & being busy

I was up at 4:30 this morning. There was this arm under my pillow that was in the way. When moving it I realized it was mine! My left arm had fallen asleep. What a hoot! I had thought it was Dave's arm. Anyway, I was scheduled to be up early this morning for I have a neurological exam at 8:00 this morning. I am to arrive no later than 7:45. It is a baseline test that will give results with my cognitive, speech, memory, etc.. I do hope they don't test my math skills for I will most definitely fail. The test has been known to run around three hours. Whew! Pray I can get a nap in this afternoon while Stu naps. Yesterday was wild. Phone calls literally all afternoon. So glad Stuart and I went out in the morning to his "December Fun" class. We needed a retreat from the home and my cell phone takes messages but I do not know how to retrieve them for I have forgotten my password. (So glad for that.) He made a sweet handprint keepsake along with a reindeer using his hands (painted brown) as the antlers. My basement stairwell is the gallery of all the boys artwork. Stuart is very proud to be among the artists. Mommy is as well.

Sorry I haven't posted much as there is literally not much time in the day. From housework, homework to loving it doesn't lend much time to blogging. I also have been rearranging my dental & eye appointments that were scheduled after the 12th. Whew! My eye appointment to track for radiation effects (cataracts) is this Monday down at Siteman. I totally want to tell you about the many blesssings from Wednesday after being down there. I do not type extremely fast but I will try to mention all the God prints. Realizing that my time down there was not wasted was good.

It started out by me dashing past the parking attendant windows. Tomyra was working. Yippee! I yelled hi and I would see her when I depart. That was always a norm for me. I ran down the corridor so I could go to the LL to visit my friends (receptionists) in radiology. I hugged Dot and good friend, Stephanie (who was on the phone) telling them I wouldn't be able to come back down after seeing Dr. Linette for I needed to get home. Soccer Gram was needing to go to work among other things. Ok - I then made it to the 6th floor, signed in, paid the copay, ticket validated, etc. Chatted with Dave and Nancy then decided I better go tee tee so my weight won't be too heavy. Yes, I did telll you I went to the restroom sorry for all the graphics there but, I have a point. After returning, Rob, Dr. Linette's nurse called my name and then said "Well, the prodical daughter has returned". I said "ha ha Rob! How is your baby?" He had his first born sometime around when I was leaving. I was enjoying the updates with ultrasounds he would show me. His baby is now eight months old. He weighed me and I was a few pounds heavier than normal. He said "I should have gone more." Rob, your just too funny - not! More was said as he took my vitals. Normal Kate stuff with me talking too much while he needed to take my temp in my mouth. He laughed for he always couldn't get a good reading. Yes, motor mouth but I want to hear how he was this time. Great conversation with Dr. Linette was had. Too much information here to tell the whole blog community except that surgery is our most viable option for erradicating this beast.

Upon leaving the office the receptionist said that someone brought by an envelope for me. I was dumbfounded. Who could have brought me an envelope in that short of time? Low and behold it was from Stephanie. Sweet note from her along with a sweet gift for the parking fee. Blessing abound.

On to Tomyra now. We chatted and I asked how she was doing with school. She will be finishing up at the end of the year and plans to go to Miami for training. I asked "Training for what?" She is going into the FBI for child pornography. I told her we need more of her. She was informed then about the brain surgery with the possibility of a personality change. When hugging me outside her door she said the sweetest thing that brought me to tears. "Kate, you won't change for it's all in your heart." Tears are in my eyes now thinking about it.

Prior to dinner I receive a call from Joe. If you remember he was with me while doing radiation in the winter. See archive blog post 12/29/06 for information about him. 3/29/07 and 8/16/07 have some information as well. He is a good friend. He was telling me that he is doing well, driving (big deal here) and living on his own now in Poplar Bluff. He has an apartment for he couldn't return to where he was living prior to his first surgery due to his wife dying while he was in surgery. The house was where she and him were together last. I totally understood. He affirmed me that he appreciated the times we spent together. I too affirmed him along with just expressing my heart about him knowing Jesus as his personal saviour. He has been on my mind lately and I needed to just chat with him. It was a good conversation that showed me my time was not wasted at Siteman last year. God was and continues to work.

Telling the older boys about surgery went fairly well over dinner on Wednesday night. Lots of heartache there. Tears in bed from Carter especially. Cole is processing which is good for he is known to take it all in. I was wallowing in my sorrow that night. If I have time I will tell you more. Just continue to pray. I am Ok with having surgery not ok with them hurting. They were better last night for sock war is always a good stress reliever. It has gone from sock tag to sock war in our home. Watch out!

Many thanks to Ramona & Stacy for their Trader Joes basket of goodies that night. Laughter is the best medicine. We were up till midnight. I hadn't wanted them to come over after the heavy conversation with the boys but thankful they did. More on the gift later unless one of the girls wants to post it in her comment.

Gotta run! I need to eat breakfast. Love to you all.

................... Toodles!


Heather said...

All I can say is WOW!!! We love Stephanie as well. we are not as familar with Dot. When Aven had radiation he was not taken to the waiting room because he was inpatient at Children's much of the time. We were taken in a back area secluded from everyone till his last week. It does sound as though there are many wonderful people down there who care. I have to agree that your personality comes from your heart so no need to worry about that. It brought a tear to my eyes as well. Thinking of you and your family. Praying for grace for the boys.

Anonymous said...

I so much enjoyed our time chatting and sharing "police" stories. ha ha. Trader Joe's is a good friend to have and I'm glad to say he's a friend of mine, too! :) They rock. I look forward to seeing your basket picture. It was great hanging out and just laughing. I agree, your heart holds you, so no worries. And the boys' and Dave's heart reflects you, too. So there's a lot of love and they love Mommy/Kate no matter what!! Here's a cheer to the old Stix Baer and Fuller Tea Room and to Grandmas. :) Love, Stacy

Anonymous said...

What a wonder you are! You leave your little bread crumbs of joy wherever you go...praising God and believing along with Tomyra that it is truly all in your heart!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing........Wow! Thanking God for Tomyra....What a great thing for all of us to think about.....It is all about what is in your heart and it will not go away.....God has filled you with so much love, graciousness, hubleness and mercy. He will never leave you or forsake you and HE IS WHO MAKES YOU-------------KATE!!

Praying for you, your boys, Dave and your entire family. Love and prayers!
Tom and April Curtis

Anonymous said...

I'm going to tell you all what I told Kate initially when I heard about the possibility of a personality change thing. I told her that body she and I have been accused of being over-zealous, highly charged, emotionally "up" people (those of you who know her well would certainly agree that she fits this description). I told her that if the personality thing is a minor dimming of a rheostat (a dimmer switch, if you will) that she is the PERFECT candidate to have a brain tumor because she has so much personality to begin with! Even if she loses a eensy-teensy-itsy-bitsy bit of "umph," she still has exponentially more personality than the majority of humans walking this fallen world. She has ALWAYS had personality "to spare." I truly think she'll be OK in this department. Love from our household this day...I laughed when you said you were up at 4:30...I've been up since 4:45. Maybe b/c I was thinkin' 'bout YOU! (I was...praying then and now). Jobacks

Ramona Lisa said...

You are so welcome! The gift basket was totally sweet Stacy's idea (although I wish I had thought of it myself). Thanks to Trader Joe's of Des Peres-- the real "friendliest stores in town" for allowing us to come choose goodies on the house.

What a great evening of sharing and laughter. I'm glad we could have such a special girls' night (with Dave, too) in the midst of thes challenging circumstances.

Lots of love. See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

I have kept up with your blog since it started. Lynn Pogue told me about it - I was with her in BSF for many years. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing all the blessings from the last few days. You are an inspiration. I can totally tell that God is working fervently through you. Sounds like He's given you a lot of peace. I'm sure there are very stressful times, but you sound at peace. Thanks for being God's servant and being a super example for us blog readers! We're praying for you.
Stacey Preusser

Kim said...

Dear Kate, and fellow blog readers,

I just wanted to chime in with something God has really impressed on me over the past few years. God is not a "god" of statistics. He is an on-purpose God; an intentional God; a sovereign God. Our world lives in a world of chance, but our God is not a GOD of chance, but a God of purpose and direction.

I pray this reminder gives all of our peace to remember that our lives are in God's hands.

We love you, Kate, and trust you into God's perfect wisdom and care.

The Endraskes