Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Visually to see Dr. Linette

We will see Dr. Linette 9 am tomorrow. If you remember he was my oncologist till April of this year. He is a fine doctor and I really respect his opinion. Please pray for wisdom regarding all aspects of our decisions regarding treatment. Many thanks to Nancy for coming again to digest the information with us as well. Please pray that Dr. Linette is not running behind in seeing patients.

Just a reminder. If you are planning on attending a time of prayer this coming Friday be sure to email us. We will not be posting on the blog the location due to security reasons. See the post prior to now for the email. It will start at 7 pm.

This past weekend was great with the boys. Carter and Cole had some down time with the late afternoon rainy Saturday. They were upstairs working away. To our delightful surprise they invited us to Carter's room. A trail of sticky notes led the way to a "closet concert". Carter has a huge closet that almost runs the length of the wall. The room was dark except for some "spotlights" aka flashlights. They took the middle door and opened it wide after introducing the "artist". Carter was first on the venue. They had constructed their CD player to play in the closet where the audience would not see it only hear. Both boys love a band by the name Mercy Me. They especially love the song "So long self". With that particular song playing (from a CD mix that was done for me for my MRI scans) they had their guitar strumming and lip syncing the words. They did great! It was good family time in the bedroom. It brought back memories of my childhood and how my sister and I would put on shows. They also put on another show on Sunday eve prior to dinner. This time it was video taped. Stuart joined in with a Chris Tomlin song. He actually knew some words. So cute!

The boys have been told that the doctors think that the cancer has most likely returned and we could have surgery before Christmas.

I also would like to ask that you pray for me as I am trying to organize things in a very small scale around the home. Just ask Dave, I am not going crazy but there are some things that need to be in order. I have been able to delegate some duties. Many thanks to Jane for coming over yesterday to help make Carter's half birthday treats for school on Wednesday. Yes, she could of used a haz mat suit to clean our master bathroom. She offered to clean it. I was on the phone and computer for most of the morning that day. There is a lot of planning going on as we are most likely anticipating a surgery prior to December 25. So thankful that most of the Christmas shopping is completed for the boys.

Looking forward to taking family pictures in our home along with cutting down the Christmas tree this Saturday.

The following song I have always loved. It speaks even more to me now. Some of the clips are corny but the words are outstanding. It was the best sound and stable camera footage that I could find. Enjoy!

Jeremy Camp with "Give me Jesus"


queeniep said...

I just came across you blog and have spent an hour reading your posts. Know that you and yours will be in my prayers each day. Being a mother of boys, I know they are very protective of momma, even at an early age. They too, will be in my prayers.
Be at peace while at the Dr.
Hugs to you and your hubby too!
May the Lord guide you each and every step and lean not on your own understanding but oh Him

Anonymous said...

I love the song, thanks for blessing me with those words this morning! I'm praying for you.