Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tommy Socks

Kate and I are here at the hospital going through all of the pre-surgery prep work. She just had the green life savers (stealth MRI markers) put on her head and she will be getting her MRI soon. Presently, she is working on her CBS Bible study (1Kings & 2Kings).

Being at the hospital again is like dejavu, several of the nurses and hospital staff are the same as last year. Good to have some familiar faces around.

Kate wore her Tommy (Hilfiger) socks today in honor of her neurosurgeon, Dr. Thomas Forget. They say "Tommy"on the toes. Dr. Forget said that he will be sure to check those out during surgery.

Everything is still on schedule. Thank you deeply for praying for us. Please leave some comments during the day to let me know you're out there.



Sara said...

We are praying for your family...may God's peace fill your minds and hearts.

Iowa mom said...

I'll be praying all day for each one of you and the surgical team. My scheduled time is 11, but have no worries, that the prayers will keep coming.
God bless you all and may he give you a measure of peace in your hearts today.

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,
Here are a couple of prayers I have been praying for you today...

Loving Father, I entrust Kate to your care this day: guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical team people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed. Kate may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with You and those around her. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jesus, Your array of miracles. A true manifestation of Your Divinity. Draws the admiration of searching souls. Never let it be said, "Miracles do not exist!". Your are the living example of such actions. Bless me with the faith to always believe. To affirm the Supreme Power of Your miracles. Be they of a physical or spiritual nature. Grant me the aptitude to instantly perceive The souce of all supernatural occurences. So only Your Excellence shall be glorified. Jesus, my existence is a wonderous miracle!

God be with you!!
Gina Simpson

Anonymous said...

Waiting and praying along with you
Much love, always,
Grammy C

Amy said...

praying in Nashville

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for your surgery, Kate and for the requests your family has posted. The Lord is good All the time. He will sustain you! I, too, have had cancer, so I know what you are feeling. But know that He doeth all things well!
~ I came over from especially Heather's site

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog today through Heather (, but it seems like a good day to have found you. Will be praying all day today for your surgery. In Christ, Jennifer in Indiana.

Laurabeth said...

We are praying here at school. Love, Laurabeth

Mrs. I. said...

May you feel surrounded and enveloped by everyone's love and prayers! We are out here covering you all with the Blood of Jesus - Blessings to you from PA!

Marcie Eubanks said...

Psalm 91:4 "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be you shield and rampart."

We are praying for you in TN. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

To Kate and Dave from Mary Jo

I will be praying for you as I leave Columbia, Mo. this morning but I promise I won't close my eyes while I drive!!!
It will probably take me 30 min to load the car because I'll have so much stuff to bring. How can people travel so light?
I will stop in Warrenton to the outlet mall to find soccer gram a SHARP veggie peeler. I might even put it in her stocking if she has been good and she has one??
You know I love you all very very much.
Hugs and kisses and prayers will be blown your way.
Mary Jo
ps I don't know who will be pacing the floor tho most today grandpa or me. I guess we both might have to be medicated. Ha Ha Ha!!! Just kidding! I might medicate grandpa so I can pace by myself!

Steve & Amy said...

Hey, Dave. Our family and my prayer group here in Guadalajara are praying. Just wanted to let you know. love, Steve & Amy Robertson

JohnnyB said...

Kate, Dave and all,
We will pray for you and look for updates throughout the day! God is good and provides all!
All of our love and prayers,
The Bauer's

Williams' Family said...

Found your site from a prayer request on an alumni website for Emmaus Bible College. We also have 3 little boys and I can not imagine going through what your family is going through!
I know that the Lord will provide you the strength needed to see you through! I will be praying for wisdom for the dr. and for your three precious boys!

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

We're praying in the Krosley house. I forgot to tell Kate a couple of weeks ago: My 4 year old Andrew prayed that God would make Kate's heart "mighty and strong". We are all praying that today for both of you.

In Him Who is Able,

Kelly said...

Praying that the Great Physician will guard you during surgery and the physician's hands. Praying for healing, comfort, strength, and peace.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

I have a group praying for you here at SLU.
Aunt Julie

Anonymous said...

It's 10:00--my turn to pray! What a privilege and honor. Thanking God in the process of all that He will do.

Mercy's Maid said...

I'm here from Especially Heather.

I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave,
The prayer team is in place, and we are still getting more people added to our list! Keep the emails coming. No one will be 'turned away' who wants a prayer slot to pray! We are booking people for as long as everyone wants to be scheduled for a prayer time.

It has been a blessing to see people rally to be beside you, as God goes before you. He HAS gone before you, and He's present WITH you now, and He is already down the path ahead of you,with His arms open. It's safe there! :p)

Pam Mueller

Anonymous said...

On our knees each hour today. The timer goes off at the top of the hour and we pray for you both. Love,
The Hathaways

Jenna said...

tears,thoughts, prayers, hope, love for you from Minneapolis.
the Scheetz family

Laurel said...

Praying for you all throughout the day.
Jonathan and Laurel

Anonymous said...

We too are praying fervently for all of you. May our gracious Lord's abundant peace be yours.
The Memmelaars

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate and Dave,

Even though you don't see many comments from us, we are praying for you -- this past week, throughout this morning and today. Our wise, gracious, loving, and all-powerful God made you and will keep you and your family.

IMMANUEL -- God with us.

Love from the Collins family
Jack & Diane, Joy & Joseph

Jill said...

I will continue to pray for you, your family, the doctors, nurses, etc throughout the day. Much love,

Jill Jacobs

Katherine said...

Found your site through Heather. Will be praying for you today!

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,

Praying for peace, comfort, and full recovery, and most of all for God's glory to be revealed in this situation. As God works, I'm praying that today's events will have a significant impact on many people's lives for eternity's sake as they see the hand of God working.


Anonymous said...

You have been, are, and will continue to be in our prayers throughout the day.

The Morris's

Anonymous said...

Kate and Dave

Prayers from MA.

Anonymous said...

Prayers from NW Missouri

Nicole M.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you or your wife however, I did read your blog from a link of one of my friends. I am praying for your whole family. I have specifically prayed for peace for all of you today...the surgeons and most of all Kate. God be with all of you and restore all joy and make her cancer free and healthy once more. Hang in there!
Kelly C.

Anonymous said...

I woke this morning at 3:30 and prayed for your peace. I have been praying subsequently as the Spirit has led since then.


Anonymous said...

I found you today through Heather, we are praying for you in Alabaster, Alabama. In Christ, Robin

Angel said...

Dave we have been praying for you and Kate all morning. We will be checking the blog throughout the day. God bless you today. Angel and Brian Collins

carol said...

Kate and Dave, We are praying. love, Carol Voelkel

Anonymous said...

From our hearts to yours...Sending much love along with all our thoughts and prayers from SNCC....

Anonymous said...

You have been in our thoughts and prayers all day. Specifically that you all can have peace during this storm as you had requested and for healing. We will continue to pray......

With love,

The Dillard Family