Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fevers Abound

As Aunt Dee Dee indicated in her comment on the last post, Cole left school early today with a slight fever and a sore throat. Also, Kate has developed a slight fever as well, not sure why. As I have said before, there is nothing like dealing with a trial (fevers) with a trial (strained back) within a trial (sick children) within a trial (surgical complications) within a trial (brain cancer), all at the same time. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Today was my first day back to work as I had much to catch up on before the Christmas holiday break, plus I knew that Kate would be tied up for most of the day with therapy sessions. It went well except that my back is in worse shape than yesterday. I spoke with my doctor and it sounds like I am having back spasms where my lower back tightens up and is very painful. It has been several years since I've had anything like this. I am walking around hunched over to ease the pain. Hopefully the medication and advice my doctor gave me will help out. If not, I may have to admit myself to the rehab center!

Kate said she was a little discouraged today with her left arm and hand. However, I saw her lifting her arm this evening and it looks a little better than it did yesterday. Please pray that she can persevere through this discouragement. Also, I noticed that she was walking a little better on the left leg. She walked from the toilet to the sink (in a large bathroom) without any assistance. I believe she is making some progress!

She also was able to get a shower in today. She said she was feeling a little nappy and funky since she hadn't showered for several days and a warm shower felt great. The rehab center encourages patients to wear their street clothes when possible so that you feel less like a hospital patient. Plus, the occupational therapists have been teaching Kate how to dress one handed. You try it, it's pretty challenging!

Aunt Dee Dee brought Carter and Stuart up for a visit this evening and it went very well. Carter has been begging to see Mommy more often. When I come home, Stuart always asks, "Where's Mommy?" Unfortunately, Cole could not attend since he was sick.

After work I was able to join Kate for dinner and we sat next to one of her new friends who is in her group therapy class. His name is Joe (believe it or not) and he is an older gentleman from southern Missouri recovering from a stroke. So, already it appears Kate has met her first "Joe", literally.

In Christ,



Anonymous said...

Sending prayers (early this am) for better health for the entire Snodgrass family! Kate, remember where your strength comes from!! Love,
April Curtis and Family

Deb said...

I've starting following Kate's story just recently. I want you to know that I'm praying for all the many trials you are facing.

Anonymous said...

Having done some work in a Rehab. hospital, I know what Kate's days look like. I am continuing to pray for encouragement, perseverance and healing for both of you. Marcie Eubanks

Mrs. I. said...

Dave, thanks for the updates and the detailed prayer requests. The effectual, fervent prayers of your family, friends and prayer partners will avail much!!!

I think it's great that you are noting even the smallest improvements in Kate's situation. Your family will be able to read back over these blog entries down the road and see how all of Kate's small victories have added up to equal her overall total healing.

I'm praising Him in advance!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates. I am praying daily for your family
~Here in Wisconsin,

Kelly Park Photography said...

Thanks for the updates Dave, you all are in our prayers.

Gram said...

With Aunt Jeanie's help yesterday I was able to get away for a couple of hours to check on great grandpa and pay bills etc. I felt better just getting a few things done.
This so reminds me of years ago when one gets sick others follow. I remember well that the winter of 1976 was ear infections for the older three kids all winter long. We did manage to survive.
Since Kate cannot come to a recital of Cole's, Jeanie had the idea that when he is feeling better, he can play his special songs on the piano at the Rehab center for a private recital just for his mom. He liked that idea very much. Now we must get him well so he can show his stuff.
Again thanks to everyone that is helping in so many ways. Both on Dave and Kate's homefront and on great grandpa's homefront. Uncle Charlie is the great micro-manager for the latter. Having had great experience with a business in Dallas. Good job brother!
Gram on the fever watch!

Jan said...

Have been praying for you and your family since I met you when waiting for radiation. (We are the couple from Indiana that lived with Joe at Hope Lodge, and my husband fixed him bacon and eggs each morning.)Was thrilled to see Joe in the picture with you on your blog.

I send prayers and encouragement and I know that your spirit and faith will hold you up. The light of Christ shines through you even during the darkest hours. How else can you explain that even in the greatest of trials, you are still finding "Joes"?

To ease the pain and pass the time, I counted my blessings, no matter how great or small and I could just feel Jesus beside me, and the shadow of the cross that he bore for me. A multitude of prayer warriors from coast to coast, most of whom I don't even know held me up, just as a multitude of prayer warriors are holding you and your family up.

In the love of Christ,

Rod and Jan

Anonymous said...

Here's what we hope tomorrow holds for you (in respect to your trial within a trial within a trial within a trial within a trial within a trial ... I lost count... within a trial): HEALING! We're all praying that--for the short-term stuff like the boys' health and your back, the medium-term stuff like Kate's mobility, and the long-term stuff like her cancer. As most of you know, one of God's multiple names is The Great Physician. Not just the mediocre physician, not just the part-time-practicing physician, not just a doc-in-the-box physician...a GREAT one. Hmmmm. Yep. That's a good thing. And, NO, we're not surprised that there are Joe's in Kate's path. God has allowed lots of intersections in HER path...intersections of other people's paths that criss-cross hers in a crazy grid of a map...It IS rather funny that his name actually IS Joe, though. That made me LOL (which is funny that I even know what that means, not being a computer expert and all). Thinking of you this lunch hour, Kate. And you, too, oh hunch-backed husband...OUCH! Blessings! The Joback Family

aunt dee dee said...

Fever watch is right. Grams just took the sluggish Cole to the doc's office and I'm here on nap duty, not a bad gig. Better than diaper duty.

Carter was certainly happy to see his mom yesterday. We arrived at the right time: in the dining room the residents were having a "happy hour," sans the liquid spirits. The only beer there was root beer, but Uncle Tom, who had also just arrived, is an avid soda drinker, so he was content with the beverage choices. Carter helped himself to a heap of buffalo chicken wings. Stu went back often to retrieve veggies and cheese for his mom. Stu and Carter both helped push Kate in the wheelchair. Despite crashing into the wall once, they did a great job.

Carter and I both agree that Kate looks "much better." The left side of her face is moving a little, along with her hand. Already Kate is showing signs of her old self: she talked of "breaking out" of the institution so that she could go see Cole's piano recital. "They can't keep me here" is what she said with her usual determination and stubborness.

Anonymous said...

Hello Snodgrasses,

Fever is abounding at our house as well, so tell Cole and Kate they are in good company. We will pray for the trial within a trial within a trial within a trial within a trial!

The Byars

Anonymous said...

Hello ailing Dave and healing Kate - Well, at your house waiting is some homemade baklava (yes, with my Mom's watchful eye and her duty of keeping the phyllo dough moist and pliable). Also has some of my Mom's homemade Greek cookies (Kate, hopefully Dave, the boys, Gram and Aunt Dee Dee will share). :) Dave, left some back remedies for you....I've suffered, I know. Use ice. Heat later! I'm praying that all of you Snodgrass' will heal quickly and be back to fighting form. Your boys play a mean game of hide and seek...Stuart is like the energizer bunny...keeps going and going...haha Prayers for a peaceful and restful night. Stacy and the Jarvis boys